Remember Aaron Swartz


A void place


I am not American and I have not been taught to always speak positively. I still feel a huge loss. Your place in the world will be void forever.

You fought for freedom and knowledge for all people although not all people want freedom and knowledge - but they need freedom and knowledge and you did your best so they all could have them.

Most people do not understand what were you trying to achieve and why were you trying to achieve it – I can see it when I read comments on forums or even the lack thereof. It is normal – ordinary persons do not understand or value geniuses, they often do not understand or value good people, too. I hope that if things go the way you wanted it and humans get more freedom and knowledge, they all will become more wise, less selfish and will better understand and protect your values, your legacy.

But your place is void, Aaron. I miss you.

Thank you.

With love, Mila from Bulgaria