Remember Aaron Swartz



Knowing Aaron through media speaking out against #SOPA and publications on the internet, his death shook me unexpected and really really hard. For days I couldn’t work, just read all I could find. It darkened my sky for quite some time and only the solidarity and the activism resulting out of it gave me some comfort. 2 things, I wonder if #snowden ‘s revelations which gave open access to a lot of sick hidden knowledge would have given him strength, IF he would lived to see. And secondly I must say that his death kicked my ass massively and I became more focused, tireless and braver to speak out, act, connect my work to activism and don’t ask for reward. Thanks Aaron, I am still so so sad you died, because the world needs you and you needed to see what will come! I hope you inspire generations to become like you, smart and pro-active. I admire you cause you have been the coolest!!!

PS: I made a small sound poem based on a poem from Quinn’s page “My Aaron Swartz, whom I loved.”