Remember Aaron Swartz


Why we fight

(Frist sorry by my englisth) A year ago Aaron has make your way to martyrdom of Free Internet. I am live in Brazil and I see media silence about this. Why? Because they dont want spread the word and the word is freedom. Like USA here we have powerful forces don’t want a open and free Internet, because the Web change the rules of everything and return the power of people to people. So “They” launch a military occupation of Web, but they face resistance. So “They” launch political large-scale offensive (Sopa, Pipa, Acta and another) and “black-ops” (Prism and another) with some success. But this is not enough for “they”, they need take everyone take leadership against their power. And Aaron make this. A peaceful resistance to support the freedom on Internet and this freedom biggest fear for want the centralization of power ( remember the fire in the eyes of politics in desire to take control of Web don’t lower but get bigger everyday). Remember , the death of Aaron don’t end the military occupation on Internet but his life show only everyone join fight for freedom, we win. The media sale the big company of IT stop the Sopa, Acta and etc, but we need remember the people who truth stop this attack against freedom. Rest in Peace Aaron , and your fight now our fight.