Remember Aaron Swartz


A source of strength

Aaron -

Your death cast a shadow across the whole year. Along with sadness and anger, I felt a sense of innocence forever lost - as though the last vestiges of childhood had been stripped away and the world had been revealed to be the cold and brutal place I feared it to be but hoped it wasn’t.

As time passed grief hardened into resolve to honor your legacy. I feel a great sense of urgency and responsibility to use the talents and resources granted to my by my privilege to make a difference, and I know many of my colleagues were similarly inspired.

You were my introduction to the network of brilliant change agents you were a part of during especially the last few years of your life. I’ve been fortunate to work with many of them in the past year on important struggles like opposing CISPA and fighting mass surveillance.

Your spirit lives amongst the many you inspired by your example. We’ll always remember you.