Remember Aaron Swartz



Aaron Swartz first came into my radar when he helped me understand Kademlia about 6-8 years ago (or thereabouts… it was a long time ago). We never continued communication since - something I have now come to regret. Later, I started doing more work in python, and I came across a nifty little library for web dev, called It was created by none other than Aaron.

I remember talking to my partner about Aaron, wondering what he was up to just a few days before the tragedy. His brilliance is quite understated. Upon remembering him, I realized the impact he has on our (at least mine) lives. I use Markdown and RSS daily and is my go-to python web library. He works on little things like RSS and MD, but they are little things permeates our lives and matter the most.

It’s a shame he’s gone so soon. Too bad for Planet Earth and the world I guess.