Remember Aaron Swartz


Social Justice and Technology

To Noah and all of Aaron’s family, I am so sorry for your loss. If there is anything at all I can do or help with, please let me know.

I first met Aaron in 2008 while I was working at the Free Software Foundation and setting up a local event. Aaron opened the day by talking about his work at Watchdog. At the time, I hadn’t met very many people who understood both the power of free software and the importance of government transparency. I think more people get that connection now – in no small part because of Aaron’s work. Having come to free software from a social justice background, I was really inspired to meet someone who was navigating the other way with such energy and success. Anyway, I wanted to share that and say that I am very sad to hear of his passing.

(There’s a short piece on the event with a picture here )

Sincerely, Deb Nicholson