Remember Aaron Swartz


RSS changed our lives

I need to let the people who knew and loved Aaron know that his work changed my son’s life for the better, forever.

Diagnosed with autism at age 2, My son’s best help came from the RSS feeds and papers that I could get access to that offered the truth and science about autism. Every morning I read the RSS feeds from academic journals world wide to find out more about my son’s regressive autism, fragile X premutation (which is only known in scientific academic circles) the MTHFR gene and new and critical treatments. Because of his work I was able to find out about UC Davis, about current scientific treatment, and research studies to get us this treatment. My son is now four and his is doing great… BECAUSE of the scientific information I had access to. I have an MLIS. I interned at Elsevier. I have seen all sides of the academic pay wall and I have felt my ignorance around my neck like a boulder, at great cost to my son’s health. But Aaron, you helped us. Thank you. Until we see that the populace will never be scientifically aware UNLESS we have access to the information we will not be able to go from a people of belief to a people of ideas.

Aaron, you did great things. You changed my life and my son’s life. I am so sorry that you are gone. I will do my best to see that your ideas are not forgotten.

Sincerely, Dana Weber Mom of 2 kids in San Diego