Remember Aaron Swartz


my words

I met Aaron Swartz back in 2009. He came to a seminar on free culture I organized at the World Social Forum in Betlem do Para (Brazil). It is not that frequent activist that engage both with the social justice movement and free culture movement, but he was one that had both sensibilities. Then, I kept seeing him in conferences and events, the last one at the PDF in June 2012 in NYC. I remember well this last time, he was smiling, enthusiastic while talking about research. It was a pleasure talking with him, he was curious, but it was you who learned. It was an special person, and a person focus to achieve the dreams that make you feel truly alive.

Meeting Aaron caused me great impression. His departure, too. Still I need to elaborate it. I am so sorry for him, and for his brother Noah and family, and for all the community. But his dead not only touch him, but what he represents for the ideals we (and many) share. It is time to reflect and learn, deep, more being researchers "every single human being should freely access the sum of all knowledge". Aaron contributed hugely to it. Beautiful that researchers are liberating their articles online in Tribute to him #pdftribute. Love Aaron!