Remember Aaron Swartz


Much Love

I don’t profess to have known Aaron but I know in his own way hr has touched my life and those of my children in more ways than one - to Aaron’s parents my heart goes put as the grief of losing a child no matter what the age is the worst pain anyone can bear , to his siblings and to rarebit , I lost my brother to suicide almost 20 years ago this month . I still remember him every day and miss him every day too , keep him alive , talk , reminise , laugh , remember his brilliance and his silliness , carry on what he left behind , this is a way to help the huge hole you feel right now . The online community we have been taught a wide lesson that our leaders are also people too with frailties and yes even faults with all their brilliance , as someone who others think strong I know personally how easy it is as a depressed person to feel like death is the only way out when even a day before ypu were talking about the future , this is a disease of the mind and we need to understand that it can be a very very dangerous monster indeed . Aaron wherever you maybe my heart goes put to you , the pain is over , the suffering is over , be at peace knowing you left the world in hands who remember ypu and will continue your work #muchlove