Remember Aaron Swartz


My Little Buddy

I met Aaron when he was four years old. My name is Ralph Brock, and I was one of Aaron’s preschool teachers at Tamarak Country School. He was also on my assigned bus route that I drove to our school, and being the first one on the van, we had a special time to just talk. And what a talk he had! He was already a little man. Just living in a small body at that time. Sometimes, as a teacher, you get a sense that this young person you’re talking to, has been here before. Aaron was so fun to interact with - he was like my ‘little buddy’ back then. Someone you never forget. I can still remember their house, and seeing Aaron getting off the van, laughing as he walked into his home. And you knew, after talking to him, that he had been here before. I’m missing you already, my little friend.

My Deepest Condolences and love to you, Susan and Robert.