Remember Aaron Swartz


Goodbye Aaron Swartz

As we all know Aaron Swartz died recently and I’m must say the the Hacker community has taken a huge hit. Aaron not only co-created RSS at the age of 14, He co-founded reddit, saved the internet from being restricted and has done some much more!

This man is a inspiration for all. I’ve always hoped that I could be a bigger gear in the gears that turn this world and this man was a perfect example of that. The amount of amazing things he completed at 26 is amazing and there is so much more he could have done.

I may not have personally know this man but I wish I did because, boy, He has changed the world and well he is my inspiration and role model. It is so sad to see some one of his epicness, awesomeness and greatness leave us!

My heart goes out to his relatives and friends.

R.I.P Aaron Swartz, You may not have know it but you’ve changed the world!

Yours Truly,

C1D - Founder of myPin