Remember Aaron Swartz


Alicia Silva

I didn’t know Aaron, and hadn’t heard of him til I read the article. So sad to lose a young person, who should’ve had his whole life ahead of him. He sounds like he was a fine, young man, with strong convictions. It’s sad he was pushed emotionally over the edge. I wish the government or some corporations could have found some jobs for him to do, as I’m sure they would’ve benefited from his expertise. I’m sure he was dreading being in the justice system in the past agonizing year and a half. I agree the punishment didn’t fit the “crime”, as he didn’t have any victims- some were just inconvenienced or embarrassed that they didn’t have security precautions in place. RIP, Aaron. So sorry this was the only way you saw to become totally free and find peace. As someone who normally searched and examined multiple options, you must have been bearing an unbearable load. I hope our justice system learns to use discretion in certain cases, and encourages entities to use responsible security features/precautions, to prevent abuse of their data.