Remember Aaron Swartz


A Major Influence to All

Dear Swartz Family and Friends,

It is terrible to hear that such a young person who has made such an influence to this world will no longer be with us. I never heard of Aaron or what he’s done until recent. From what I have learned, I’ve found that he was a very intelligent person who cared passionately about his goals in life. The work and effort he put into protecting the rights and privacy of others as well as their abilities to learn and grow, he truly is a remarkable person. I am only twenty five years of age and the achievements Aaron has made throughout his life far surpass those of my own life and most lives of those around me. I support everything he’s ever done and will continue to go on fighting the good fight just as he once did. I can only hope that you cherish the wonderful memories he’s brought into your lives and never let them go.

Thank you, Aaron. May you rest in peace, ~James