Remember Aaron Swartz


You shall live on. A glorious son


I do not know you in person. I am just an year older than you. We have something in common which unites us - THE INTERNET. We belong here. This is our world where boundaries are torn apart.

I cried. Literally cried reading about you. A part of mine wants to beleive and write this -‘Well staged Dark Knight! How is Florence? Hope you are having a good time out there.See you in the next Python conference presenting some uber cool thing which you would get to work in isolation from the rest of the world who dont understand the genius in you’. Wish it is true.I know reality is different.My wishful thinking is not going to be true.

Some 2-3 years before, I lost 2 friends of mine.One, really brilliant fellow, did as you did. Another, just vanished into thin air. I am still searching for him. Thus,I am able to empathize more with all that people of our age go through and what you might have been through. Research, hacking, etc - which would be termed as path breaking things - are no longer fun and free.I am intrigued to think what would the society made of Edison had he been living now. May be his professor might have shown him the doors because of 99 failures or may be the justice system might have booked him for wasting state money, but producing no result.Damn!

Aron, You shall live on, for, the free content on the internet has an indebtion to repay you. You shall live on, for, not just the fact you were a genuius but you were a kind person. A gentle human being who touched the heart of many who came in touch with you. There are many geeks and nerds in this world, but not everyone has a kind helping heart which you had. Thank you. You shall live on, for, in the sincerity of the intentions you did nothing wrong and is surely on the lines of some good souls who have walked on this planet.You just genuinely wanted to help others. That is something glorious.

This world may not be right place for you with all the jealously and ill-motivated people around. May be you belong elsewhere where only kindness and good things exist. Wishing you well!

with sincere appreciations, Vignesh

Dear Robert and Susan Swartz,

Having experienced first hand, the experiences parents go through in these situations, my heartfelt feelings of reassurance to both of you. Your son was a great man whose ‘love for humanity’ was so rare in the technological world.

In India, in some schools,as we grew up we are taught some important scriptural lessons. A profound teaching is - soul never perishes. So, please be reassured, your son is just doing fine. Nothing can happen to him. It is as much simple a fact as someone going from USA to Australia.

For the good hearted person he was, only good shall happen to him. Sometimes, in a classroom of mediocore students, a teacher may pick the brightest one and put him in a place where his talents and abilities would be used better. May be God felt, this world is not the right place for him,for people here are not so good and unworthy of his good deeds.

Thanks for giving us a nice person.

good wishes, Vignesh.