Remember Aaron Swartz


To freedom to connect

Dear Aaron,

I am deeply sad that you are no longer with us on this side of the world. I feel such a loss that I wish I can travel back through time to meet you. I wish I could meet you to share your idealism, to talk about how you want to change the world, to share your depression about the injustice of the world, to dream together about how things should be. I love you Aaron. I admire and am inspired by what you have done for the world. The rest of us will work together to help realize your dream of a better world with freedom to connect.

You are gone but your presence is not gone. You are in everyone’s heart. Your smile, your voice, your image are here just like you are still with us. You are like a new friend of mine who I have never talked to or even heard of before today but who is important to me. We were born the same year but I was born in China. Your efforts to make the Internet an open place to share will continue to inspire me and millions of other young people all over the world. I can not help but thinking about your witty, your smile, your warmth, your kind, your energetic spirit. I love you and you will always be in my heart. May you forever in peace.

Yours sincerely, Lina