Remember Aaron Swartz


There is no time to waste

The last bastion of true freedom in this world is the internet. Without Aaron, the internet would be regulated, censored, and held tight in the grip of the corrupt elite. He was so young, vibrant, intelligent, persuasive, and passionate. Combined, he was everything that ever was and ever will be attributed to a social leader with the ability to influence, educate and inspire action from the masses. And, just like other great humans before him, he became a threat to the those that control the system and want to control the internet. I question every fact about his death. It is too convenient and too timely considering the onslaught of cyber regulation is just beginning. When one falls three more need to join in. The unified mass that is you, me, us, is the legacy that Aaron leaves behind. Now let’s get on with it. There’s no time to waste. And while we carry on, Aaron will work the other angle we don’t have access to at the moment.