Remember Aaron Swartz


One voice

As much as I am ashamed to admit, the general population is bunch of followers. We wait for someone else to to create, to discover, to make a difference, before we get on the bandwagon. We fail to imagine anything new and yet we think we are creative. We keep asking for a change in the world and we wait for someone else to do it for us. We see someone doing great things and we wait for him to do more. So here we are… the one we were watching is no longer there. So are we going to sit back and wait for another rift in the universe? Or are we willing to fight for the same cause… the freedom to have equal knowledge, to have shared information, to have one unified and more importantly, an informed world. Let’s do our part. Let’s not limit our knowledge. Let’s not sit at our desks hogging what we know because we are too scared to let go. Let’s not all his actions be in vain. Let’s continue to prove that the internet community is far stronger, smarter and more humane than anyone could every think of.