Remember Aaron Swartz


Message from Vanessa Price (Elliott's daughter)

Hi Bobby, Susan, Noah & Ben,

You may or may not remember me well - I’m Elliott & Toni Price’s oldest daughter and Ruth Price’s oldest granddaughter. My siblings are Steven, Spencer, and Brooke. I live in Burlington, Vermont with my husband Noah and our nearly 4 year old granddaughter Margot. Brooke and I also went to North Shore Country Day School.

I’ve been following the news about Aaron for several days now. He was a legend, and even though I didn’t know him as an adult, I’m so proud to know that he is a member of my greater family. I was proud of his legacy and bravery before I new even knew that. My husband and I both work in the digital space, and have been lucky to work with the technologies that he pioneered.

I believe that you will see my parents at the memorial service today, and I asked them to please pass along my condolences. I just wanted to personally reach out to let you know that I’m thinking about you. I travel to Chicago to see my parents every six months or so, and hope that our paths cross sometime during a future visit. I remember you as a wonderful family and good friends to my parents.

Lots of love, Vanessa Price-Dater