Remember Aaron Swartz


Let it Inspire You

Do not be afraid. A few days ago, I was reflecting on the adage that most people never live to follow. It was a sentiment shared by MLK and other martyrs. The adage I’m talking about is: “I submit to you, if a man has not discovered something that he will die for then he is not fit to live.” Hopefully, I am not infringing on any “copyright laws” to bring you that dear message of strength.

“No one is more a slave than he who thinks he is free without being so.”–Goethe It is because these humanitarians wanted to contribute to human knowledge that they SHARED these words for all of us. There are many injustices done by our “leaders” in the periphery of SOPA that make us lowly slaves. Someone like Aaron, who was given a position of great influence, chose to empower all of us– and that’s ultimately what he’s done. Don’t be afraid. Thank you, Aaron.