Remember Aaron Swartz


I wept for myself and the world at large

Profound loss … how is it possible that I have wept every day for the last week for a young man, his family, and his devoted friends when I don’t know any of them personally? I have also wept for myself and the world at large, like so many others, because we lost something big and important on Friday. I am easily old enough to be Aaron’s mother, yet I have lost whatever vestige of naivete that remained in my cynical brain over the events surrounding his prosecution and suicide. The venality and stupid orthodoxy of our justice system and those who manage it is shameful.

I add my outrage, compassion, and commitment to help move the things along that Aaron embraced, to the myriad of voices that have already spoken. Perhaps we really can create a collective conscience great enough and ethical enough to carry on Aaron’s work in whatever way possible.

I beg all of the other Aaron/Erin’s out there! Please, please, please keep stepping outside the box, continue to challenge orthodoxy, and remember the greater good. We need you! I just hope we don’t fail you to.