Remember Aaron Swartz


From a Friend at North Shore CDS

Aaron was someone I will always remember. As his principal at North Shore Country Day School, he tried hard to “do school” but school contained too many boundaries for his way of working in the world. He liked to think in expansive ways, ask questions about things beyond the curriculum, and engage in the work out in the world. He seemed to be less satisfied following the directions of a school or a teacher. While he tried, and generally succeeded, he had the urge to go out and “do something.” I remember many visits with Aaron and his parents about ways in which school could engage his mind. We explored all kinds of possibilities, but in the end traditional school was not a match for Aaron’s desires. He left the school to pursue other adventures. He was a trailblazer in the area of information technology and made enormous contributions. It is very unfortunate that his life has ended so abruptly.

I have lost touch with Aaron and his family, but I grieve his loss and want to express my deepest sympathies to all those who knew Aaron for too short a period of time. I have read through many of the remembrances and am touched by how far-reaching Aaron’s influence has been. It is wonderful to see. Let’s hope that our memories of him endure and that his legacy is much more than the challenges he faced in the last years of his life. I only wish he had found a way to reach out to someone to share his pain and heal the wounds that caused him to take his life. He was a very good person!