Remember Aaron Swartz


A Condolence Note from China

I read about Aaron from the News in China. At that moment, I felt sad, in fact, to better phrase it: a sort of overwhelmed sadness and loss.

I admired Aaron’s genius work for a very long time, yet until now I had no idea who he was. For a very long time, I merely benefits from his wonderful ideas. I only get to know him better when he left this world… I wish I could send him a note and tell him I thank him for all the great ideas and his courage!

He promotes for freedom in the New Age. His ideas and advocation will never be forgotten for many years to come.

I have posted this on 新浪微博, the Chinese version of Twitter, which is website flourished vigorously, not only because the interface is based on Chinese language, but also due to the Internet censorship and regulation in the Mainland China.

I have posted this on my Twitter in the memory of him: 沉痛悼念逝去的网络时代的英雄:Aaron Swartz。 他不仅写出了RSS1.0,更为公平分享和自由使用网络信息做出了巨大的贡献。愿他的灵魂安息在世界的另一边,并得到更多的快乐和自由。

Hereby I translate my words: I have no words to express how deeply sorry I am to hear about the pass-away of a hero on our internet: Aaron Swartz. One of his great work is RSS. He also did a lot work to ensure fairly and freely sharing/using info online. May him rest in peace and find his freedom and happiness in heaven.