Remember Aaron Swartz


About Justice

If at least the deep sorrow caused by the loss of such brilliant and generous mind would be compensated by a real societal reflection on the way justice manages worldly affairs in the US (and beyond), this tragedy would not be totally vain ( Police and legal abuses are heard of all too often. But this requires courage, a lot of it from the ‘authorities’, be them elected by the people, and a high dose of defiance from us all, following Aaron’s personal example.

Our technologies have recently enabled a totally new paradigm, close to direct democracy, e.g. with a movement like Avaaz ( If a large enough number of people, i.e. ‘us’, voice our concern for any matter, it will eventually be heard and change the course of our world. This is precisely what Aaron did to undercut PIPA and SOPA. And so he succeeded, with all the individuals he did convince and in turn convinced others.

It is (more than) time to bring Justice to justice.

H.-P. Baum, Belgium