Remember Aaron Swartz


A song dedicated to the undying legacy of Aaron Swartz


I want to share a song I am releasing as a dedication to Aaron Swartz. It’s licensed under Creative Commons, free to listen/download/distribute. It’s my way of grieving, and my best effort to share his compelling story.

I am an artist/programmer/activist who only knew his name in passing due to DemandProgress & his efforts against SOPA. After his tragic death I read a bunch about Aaron, about watched many videos.

I was so moved by his story I decided to release my first public single as a tribute to him. This is a big step for me, as I’m usually very private…but I have been re-inspired, to say the least.

The song titled “Vote 4 Hackers”, along with an article I wrote about Swartz’s, can be found here:

Download via Soundcloud:

Video on Youtube:

I am deeply saddened by the loss of Aaron Swartz and can only imagine how you feel. But if it’s any condolence, he’s sparked at least one very passionate flame (my own)…and we both know there are many others.

Thank you,

Nathan Jones/Contrascience