Remember Aaron Swartz


A few words to a man I never knew

Foremost, I would like to wish all Aaron’s family and friends my deepest condolences.

In all honesty, I never heard of his doings, or of his achievings until today when I was informed of his passing. I have been a thorough user and advocate of open-source software and creative commons licensing, namely in the academic and creativity worlds. It’s amazing how our newspapers and news reports just shut down this kind of happenings… I wish I could be as eloquent and well-spoken as some of the many persons that have posted here to honor his life motto and his doings.. Having worked in R&D for more than 8 years I’ve struggled to freely obtain something that should be free by definition - knowledge. There are no words that can ease the passing of a loved one, even to one that i never knew. By this i dare to call him a loved one, as so many others that have been smothered by this appalling thing we call “justice”. It’s just not fair.. it just isn’t. Aaron, you WILL BE remembered.. Rest in peace