Remember Aaron Swartz


A blessing to Aarons family and friends

I’ve only just learned of Aaron Swartz as a blessedly helpful “Hacktivist.” He gave that word a GOOD name, and he did wonderful things with his skill and knowledge. As a peace and social justice, non-violent activist for over 40 years, myself, I say, at age 72, that the world needs more people like Aaron Swartz. Reading about Aaron and seeing his young and lively face, brought tears to my eyes. In this age of social injustice and climate crisis catastrophe, we need people like Aaron Swartz. His parents can be deeply proud of his life and work, and I feel enraged at the overreach of The Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office and MIT officials. I hope they are lying awake with guilt and that Aaron’s death will make them join those of us who fight for a better America and a truly kinder, gentler nation. The U.S.A. is 95th; yes 95th in fairness of distribution of wealth of all nations of the world and it has NOT signed the Kyoto Accord to curb carbon emissions when the habitable planet is threatened with extinction in less two decades by the fossil fuel corporations that control our governments energy policy. Also, Citizens United Versis the Federal Elections Commission, along with big corporate welfare and lobbying to control our government and it’s energy policies justified Aaron’s Swartz’s “season of discontent” and his desire to struggle for social justice. May he rest in peace from a world that did not understand his goodness well enough, and may his parents find peace in the realization that he contributed to inspiring a greater movement for justice than ever before. All love and empathy to Aaaron’s friends and family. “Now, he belongs to the Ages.” –Daniela Gioseffi, Editor-in-Chief of (combining literary art, Earth justice and facts of climate crisis due to global warming caused by corporate control of U.S. energy policy.)