Remember Aaron Swartz


Tribute to Aaron

I’m devastated and terribly saddened by the news of Aaron’s death. My activist daughter Nicola Loffler passed away 3 years ago at age 30 under similar circumstances. Christophe Armero has already written, mirroring exactly my own feelings – but more eloquently than I - so all I can do here is to repeat his words:
My son Henry Armero passed away a month ago at age 19 under similar circumstances. This isn’t a note about Aaron, the people who knew him are celebrating him and sharing their Aaron with us. This is just a short expression of sympathy with Aaron’s parents, family and friends. I have no wisdom to pass on, just raw experience. The loss one feels is devastating and the best you can hope for is a pain that ebbs and flows rather than continuously throttles. My son Henry touched many in his short life and I try to take solace in that, focusing on what he did, not what he isn’t going to do. So be proud of your son’s great achievements and his 26 years of vigorously lived life, keep him close, keep his memory alive and find a way to live with the hole in your heart. That is my goal too. Sandy Loffler