Remember Aaron Swartz


Heart broken

We lost an incredible member of our community last week. Aaron Swartz. A true innovator and thought starter. Someone who fought so hard for the rights of this incredible magical connective tissue called the Internet. He fought for social change, stood up for the rights of users. And, then at the end of the day, Aaron wasn’t supported by the very key institution (MIT) which should have stood behind him. A possible term of 35 years in prison to punish an alleged crime with no victims. What can we do to prevent this? The World has lost a true innovator, someone who believed that the sharing of code, information and ideas could, would and did lead to incredible things. Now, a tragic martyr for the cause. We can do better. This should never have happened, the World has lost a bright light. I hope Aaron’s friends, family and partner are finding at least some solace that there is a community of broken hearts around the world who understand and cherish the incredible, inspiring life’s work of one man, who was committed to his integrity, the integrity of his community and belief that information is power. He leaves us with a legacy to continue what he started, to stand up for what we have all helped to build. The internet does not belong to any one person, entity or government, it belongs to us all. Let’s not let anyone forget that.

Amy Miranda | Executive Producer lunch