Remember Aaron Swartz


Bucky Fuller and Aaron

Buckminister Fuller’s name is widely known these days, because cool phenomena like buckyballs and fullerenes are named after him. Fuller himself, not so much. So one evening a group of us that included Aaron went to see R. Buckminster Fuller: THE HISTORY (and Mystery) OF THE UNIVERSE, where we were supposed to marvel at the great man’s achievements in so many fields. Comparing notes afterward, we found that each of us had been underwhelmed. This guy was a genius? In the play we learn that Einstein himself took the trouble to read what Fuller had to say about relativity. Googling afterward we found what Einstein thought of it. We tried to salvage the evening by rewriting the play as a parody, a farcical portrait of genius written by someone who was not one. Hilarity ensued.

In retrospect the real theme of the evening was that we were in the company of someone who, though only in his mid-20s, deserved the reputation that has attached itself to the man portrayed on that stage. No one voiced this idea at the time, but .it was correct and we were aware of it.

Dan wikler