Remember Aaron Swartz


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As someone born and lived in Massachusetts my whole life, I’m truly appalled at the prosecutor and MIT for this! This young man was not only brilliant but truly believed knowledge is something EVERYONE should have access to for free. He was not greedy like so many prodigies can be. He wanted everyone to have the same chance to succeed and have the educational tools to make this world a better place. I truly hope he has found the peace he deserved and that others pick up where he left off. Knowledge should not be only available to the rich. I sincerely hope that the government and educational institutions learn from the mistakes of the people who pushed him to the point where he felt this was his only way out. When Aaron died we lost so much of what he would have accomplished to make our world a better place for ALL! May he rest in peace and have his legacy carry on. Both the Massachusetts judicial offices and MIT should b ashamed of themselves and NEVER let this happen again!