Remember Aaron Swartz


About this site

Aaron was a tireless supporter of the open internet and an old-school hacker. To honor his memory and his contributions to technical community, Aaron’s family and friends wanted to provide a way to share their memories that:

  • uses free and open source software wherever possible
  • licenses its content under the Creative Commons
  • is open to the technical community to hack on and contribute to
  • leverages tools that Aaron used and contributed to, like Markdown and RSS

The site itself is a work in progress; we can’t do everything ourselves. To that end, we’d like to invite other programmers to contribute to the improvement of the site on Github. Here are more features we’d like to add:

  • make it easy for a broader community of contributors to share memories, perhaps via Github’s Javascript API and CORS
  • allows for sharing and contribution to Reddit
  • provide compatibility across a diverse set of web platforms

If you’d like to contribute, please fork the repo on Github and get hacking. Alternatively, you can email your memories to share them directly with Aaron’s family and friends, who will work to shift them onto the website as quickly as possible.

Technical Details

All content on this site is written in Markdown, to which Aaron was a noted contributor. It’s rendered to static HTML using Jekyll, served using Amazon S3, and the content is, of course, syndicated using RSS.